1. Mirage_Animated Short Film
  2. Taibo's Counterstrike_Sequence Design
  3. Nifty Gateway_Rebrand
  4. Passing by the Huaqing Palace_Sequence Design
  5. Memento_Title Sequence Design
  6. No Country for Old Men_Title Sequence Design
  7. Bandai x Gunpla_Motion campaign
  8. Entropy_Book Design
  9. Separation Alignment and Cohesion_Book/Motion Design


     ︎︎︎ Poster_Wall decoration
     ︎︎︎ Photography_I was there
     ︎︎︎ Render_Hours of ray tracing

©2023 Jeffrey Xiyang Su


Brand visual identity redesign for Nifty Gateway

Created for:

ArtCenter College of Design
Type 5 Motion


The brand visual identity redesign aims to establish a distinct visual identity for Nifty Gateway that communicates its brand and mission effectively, distinguishes itself within the NFT industry, and facilitates access to blockchain technology for emerging artists and collectors.

This identity is vibrantly displayed through a 3D motion design montage, encapsulating the dynamic essence of the reimagined Nifty Gateway and the burgeoning world of NFTs. It aims to appeal to art collectors and digital artists searching for unique and captivating platforms for releasing and acquiring limited-edition digital art. Key design elements include the transformative and modular logo, a treated RGB color system, the 3D motion design montage, and a combination of Serif and monospace typography, complemented by brand message and logo-based 3D graphics. This versatile design finds application across various platforms, including the website, social media, printed posters, and advertising.


Ming Tai


Cinema 4d
Octane Render
Lightroom Classic