1. Mirage_Animated Short Film
  2. Taibo's Counterstrike_Sequence Design
  3. Nifty Gateway_Rebrand
  4. Passing by the Huaqing Palace_Sequence Design
  5. Memento_Title Sequence Design
  6. No Country for Old Men_Title Sequence Design
  7. Bandai x Gunpla_Motion campaign
  8. Entropy_Book Design
  9. Separation Alignment and Cohesion_Book/Motion Design


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©2023 Jeffrey Xiyang Su

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A book about anarchism and the art of protest

Created for:

ArtCenter College of Design
Communication Design 3

Book Preface:

Here's the essence of our new governance model: it's built on a non-institutionalized, trust-based system. The internet, a global narrative and meme generator, has birthed an independent network founded on decentralized systems. These networks offer a fresh perspective on governance. This book embarks on an exploration of the relationship between anarchism and decentralized networks, such as the Internet and open-blockchains.

These networks, underpinned by protocols, establish rules without the need for rulers. This marks a significant shift from the conventional frameworks upheld by global institutions like governments. The traditional systems are faltering on multiple fronts, leaving a noticeable void in shaping social and economic narratives. Decentralized networks step in to fill this governance gap, operating in a fundamentally anarchistic manner by facilitating action without centralized authority.

Historically, the absence of rulers implied a lack of rules. Without institutions to provide oversight, guidance, hierarchy, and accountability, regulation seemed unattainable. The prevailing belief was that removing these elements would lead to chaos, not anarchism. However, we are now witnessing the emergence of a system that defies this notion: rules exist without rulers. This isn't chaos; it's a realm of rock-solid, predictable determinism embedded in open, decentralized codes. Such transparency, accountability, and creativity are unachievable with traditional systems. These new rule systems, global, open, neutral, and enduring, are revolutionizing our understanding of governance and order.


Post Production


Tracey Shiffman


Cinema 4d
Octane render
Adobe After Effects
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