1. Mirage_Animated Short Film
  2. Taibo's Counterstrike_Sequence Design
  3. Nifty Gateway_Rebrand
  4. Passing by the Huaqing Palace_Sequence Design
  5. Memento_Title Sequence Design
  6. No Country for Old Men_Title Sequence Design
  7. Bandai x Gunpla_Motion campaign
  8. Entropy_Book Design
  9. Separation Alignment and Cohesion_Book/Motion Design


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©2023 Jeffrey Xiyang Su

Mirage(noun) - "A hope or wish that has no chance of being achieved."

A tale of love unfolds between two individuals from opposite social classes, revealing the struggle to overcome societal boundaries in their quest for happiness and love.

Collaborative project with Hanson Ma and Michael Wang. As huge sci-fi nerds, we wanted this short film to serve as an homage to the cyberpunk genre. We also took this opportunity to explore new technologies, such as character rigging and motion capture, to reenact the workflow of a small motion studio.


Promotional Posters


The final release was premiered in the Ahmanson Auditorium at ArtCenter's Hillside Campus during the Motion Connect event.

Character Development
The characters were developed with background stories, archetypes, and character arcs. The 3D models were made using Daz 3D, while Marvelous Designer was used to dress the characters.

Motion Capture

Motion capture was used for all of the character animation. This process was enjoyable and sped up the workflow since characters did not have to be hand-animated.

World Building

World building and 3D animation was done in Cinema 4D and rendered with Octane.

Corporation Branding

In every cyberpunk story, there's often a mega-corporation as the antagonist. Thus, CODA was developed as a simple branding project alongside the film.

The brand elements were incorporated into a kit-bashed security drone. From the drone's perspective, the color palette and shape language expand into the HUD interface.

Editing & Compositing

After Effects was used for 2D animation and color correction. Premiere Pro was used for the final editing and sound mixing.

Dream Machine

In this cyberpunk universe, one has the ability to share dream experiences. The dream machine brings this to life, creating a unique environment for shared multiplayer dreaming.

Credits :

Jeffrey Su: Character Animation, Simulation, World Building, Concepting,
Color-grading, Post-Production
Hanson Ma: Editing, 2D Design, Animation, Producer
Michael Wang: 3D Animation, World Building, Mocap Actor
Jennifer Li: Screenplay, Mocap Actress
@THR_BHLD: Helmet Design
David Parrella: Mocap Suit
Harvey Fisher: Sound Design
Miguel Lee: Instructor

Special Thanks:

Ming Tai, Elaine Alderette, Harper Chen, Kenneth Kuh


Cinema 4D, Octane, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, XD, Blender, Photoshop, Rokoko Capture, Daz Studio, Marvelous Designer, Gravity Sketch, Topaz Labs